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Case Paper of Florida has one of the largest paper warehouses in the Southeast, with over 100,000 sq. ft. of rolls and sheets ready for immediate shipment. This strategic location allows for next-day deliveries in Florida, with service to the Southeastern states and shipping as far west as Texas.

Case Paper Miami also supports the export market, shipping to customers in Latin America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Monthly Specials for Case Paper as of January 1, 2015

Case Paper offers next day delivery on most standard sizes.

Coated Sheetfed

Description5M lbs10M lbsTruck LoadLot 
10 pt C1S SBS
19 x 25 (142 m)
163,600 sheets
56.00/cwt 79.52/m 55.00/cwt 78.10/m54.00/cwt 76.68/m  
26 pt GC1br l> 22 x 35.25 (431 m)
35,700 sheets
62.00/cwt 267.22/m 61.00/cwt 262.91/m 60.00/cwt 258.60/m  
10 pt C1S cover
20 x 26 (155m)
192,500 sheets
56.00/cwt 86.80/m 55.00/cwt 85.25/m 54.00/cwt 83.70/m  
16 pt C2S cover
20 x 27 (219 m)
393,500 sheets
64.00/cwt 140.16/m 63.00/cwt 137.97/m 62.00/cwt 135.78/m 61.00/cwt 133.59/m  
16 pt C2S cover
28 x 40 (454m)
448,740 sheets
64.00/cwt 290.56/m 63.00/cwt 286.02/m 62.00/cwt 281.48/m 61.00/cwt 276.94/m  
18pt C2S cover
23 x 29 (293m)
172,400 sheets
64.00/cwt 187.52/m 63.00/cwt 184.59/m 62.00/cwt 181.66/m 61.00/cwt 178.73/m  
18 pt C2S cover
25 x 38 (418m)
109,500 sheets
64.00/cwt 267.52/m 63.00/cwt 263.34/m 62.00/cwt 259.16/m 61.00/cwt 254.98/m  

Recycled Board

22 pt clay
43” 22 tons
$480 FOB pick up Philadelphia    
32 pt clay
37.875” 22 tons
$460/ton FOB pick up Philadelphia    
30 pt clay
28.187” 22 tons
$480/ton FOB pick up Philadelphia    

To place an order

For samples or inquiries on the above lots, or to verify a delivered price and availability, please contact our sales office toll-free at: (800) 225-2259.

Terms & Conditions

  • All items subject to prior sale — 1 skid minimum order.
  • Prices listed are FOB Miami, and all are in U.S. funds.

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