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M-Weight CalculatorM-Weight Calculator »

Determine the weight of 1,000 sheets of a given sheet size using length, width, and basis weight.

MILS/Micron CalculatorMILS/Micron Calculator »

Convert MILS to Microns and Microns to MILS.

Basis Weight CalculatorBasis Weight Calculator »

Find the basis weight for a ream of paper based on its weight in grams per square meter.

Grammage CalculatorGrammage Calculator »

Find the weight in grams per square meter for a ream of paper based on its basis weight.

Linear Footage CalculatorLinear Footage Calculator »

Determine the linear footage of a roll using roll weight and width.

MSI/MSF CalculatorMSI/MSF Calculator »

Calculate thousand square inches and thousand square feet of a roll of paper from roll weight and basis weight.

Price per MSI/MSF CalculatorPrice per MSI/MSF Calculator »

Derive thousand square-inch price from price per pound and basis weight.

MSF Price to Linear Foot and Yard Price Conversion CalculatorMSF Price to Linear Foot & Yard Price Conversion Calculator »

Calculate the linear foot and yard price for a roll of paper based on a given roll width and previously determined MSF price.

Pages-per-Inch CalculatorPages-per-Inch Calculator »

Estimate the number of pages in an inch of paper having a specific thickness, or caliper, per sheet of paper.

Units Conversion CalculatorUnits Conversion Calculator »

Convert units of measurement typically used in graphic design, such as points to picas, points to milimeters, etc.

Length Conversion CalculatorLength Conversion Calculator »

Convert length measurement, such as feet to meters.

Area Conversion CalculatorArea Conversion Calculator »

Convert common area measurements, such as acres to square feet.

Equivalent Weights & Grammage Conversion ChartEquivalent Weights & Grammage Conversion Chart »

Find selected equivalents (in pounds) for a ream of paper of a given type and basis weight, with metric equivalents.

Paper Thickness (Caliper) ChartPaper Thickness (Caliper) Chart »

Find the approximate caliper for a single sheet of paper of various grades and basis weights, expressed in thousandths of an inch.

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