Roll weight is the approximate weight (in pounds) of a roll of paper. Use this calculator to easily measure roll weight by providing the roll diameter, core diameter, roll width, and appropriate factor for a given type of paper (see the example below). When filling in these fields, use decimal fractions where necessary; and give all lengths in inches.

Roll Weight Calculator
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Roll Weight = lbs.


The numerical results from this calculator are estimates only and are not guaranteed.


Find the weight for a roll of forms Bond paper with a roll diameter of 40 inches, a core diameter of 3 inches, and a width of 17.5 inches.


([Roll Diameter2 - Core Diameter2] × Roll Width) × Factor = Roll Weight


([402 - (32] × 17.5) × .021 = 585 (rounded to nearest pound)


Factor Chart
Paper Type Diameter
Antique Finish Book Paper .018
Bond .021
C1S Cover & Blanks .030
C1S Label .032
C2S Cover .033
C2S Coated Freesheet .037
Coated Groundwood & SC .032
Offset Smooth .022
Offset Vellum .020
Tax and Index .026
Vellum Bristol Cover .022

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