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The numerical results from this calculator are estimates only and are not guaranteed. All results are rounded to five decimal places.

Conversion Notes

A point is the basic measure of font size, usually considered to be about 1/72 of an inch. This unit comes from old traditions of typography and nowadays is slightly distorted because of “simplified” computer typesetting techniques.

Below is a key to the point method abbreviations used in this unit conversion calculator.

ATA    = 0.3514598 mm (0.0138366 inch)
ATA refers to the Anglo-Saxon method of typographical measurement.
Didot    = 0.3759 mm (about 1/68 inch)
A Didot is a variant of the point that is used in Europe. It is named after the French printer François Ambroise Didot (1730–1804), who first defined the point-based typographical measurement system.
IN    = 0.4 mm
l’Imprimerie Nationale refers to a French variant of the point.
PS    = 0.3527777778 mm (1/72 inch)
A Postscript point is derived from Postscript®, a proprietary “page description language” based on work originally done by John Gaffney and finally implemented in its current form by John Warnock et al. after he and Chuck Geschke founded Adobe Systems, Inc. in 1982.
TeX    = 0.3514598035 mm (1/72.27 inch)
TeX is a powerful macro-based text formatter written by Donald Knuth. It is very popular in academia, especially in the computer-science community.
Tru    = 0.188 mm
A Truchet point is an obsolete variant of the point.

Learn more about the differences between the various typographical point systems at Alex Vakulenko’s website.


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